Protect Unsafe Lifestyle Practises

Some unsafe habits are still practiced even with the advance of research and scientific studies regarding the effects of the sun on skin and our health. Tanning for example, an age-old practice that has throughout the years been made popular by the likes of designer Coco Chanel is one such habit.

The bronze and “golden” hue tanning brings to the skin is associated with youth, travel and even good health. It is however a dangerous lifestyle habit that can lead to skin problems in the future.

Sun tanning can lead to harmful solar radiation on the skin as UVA rays hit and penetrate the skin to stimulate the oxidization and production of melanin granules close to the skin resulting in the bronze hue. View the definition on Wikipedia.

While this results in the “sun-kissed” tan look, it is actually your skin’s defensive response to the damage it is experiencing while tanning. Sun burns are also a result of overexposure to UVB sun rays that damage blood vessels on the skin, resulting in the red swelling of the burnt area or skin growths that appear as red, rough elevated skin known as Actinic keratosis, which appears in the affected area.

Tanning beds were thought to be the healthier option, but research has shown that they may be more harmful as people can apply the same radiation intensity as the sun all year round to their entire body.