Protect Myths

Protect - Myths

It is not possible to get sunburnt on windy, cloudy or cool days.

INCORRECT Sunburn is not caused by temperature but rather by UV radiation. Any day that has a high UV rating has the potential to burn your skin. So Be Skin Smart and always remember to pack the sun screen and sunglasses for an outdoors day.

Using cosmetics that contain sun screen means you don’t need to apply additional sunscreen.

INCORRECT Almost all cosmetics that contain sunscreen are only intended for very short periods of exposure. If you are planning on spending extended periods of time in the sun you should apply a separate sun screen for your protection.

It is safer to tan at the salon than it is from direct sun exposure.

INCORRECT By comparison, indivuals that tan indoors have a higer risk to all forms of Skin Cancer. Indoor tanners can receive as much as twleve times the yearly UV exposure they would from the sun by using tanning lamps.

Darker skin from fake tans makes it safer when you are in the sun.

INCORRECT Fake tans are not intended to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Some fake tans may come with a SPF rating but this is still the same as Sunscreen – It needs to be re-applied consistently.

Dark skinned people can’t get Skin Cancer.

INCORRECT People with dark skins are less at risk than Caucasians, but once developed they are more likely to die from it.