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for iPhone & iPod Touch

We all like to spend time in the sun but we don’t always look after our skin. Introducing the Be Skin Smart App from Meda Pharma. In just a few easy steps, calculate your skin type by selecting the colour of your eyes, the colour of your hair, your skin tone and the amount of freckles you have. Then, save your personal profile information and even add a photo of yourself. Once the Protection Timer knows a little bit about you, simply add the factor SPF you’re using. The timer will then calculate how long you can stay in the sun and alert you when you need to reapply your sunscreen. You can even set up multiple profiles for your family and friends and run multiple timers simultaneously, each with a separate alert.


  • Calculate your skin type
  • Add the factor SPF you’re currently using
  • Protection Timer calculates how long you can stay in the sun for based on your skin type and the factor SPF you’re using
  • Multiple profiles with simultaneous timers for you, your family or your friends
  • Audio, vibration & notification alerts
  • Social Sharing
  • Skin Smart Tips

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