Be Skin Smart

Be Skin Smart

As South Africans we love our beaches, swimming pools, afternoons having a braai. With our long coastline and excellent climate, there’s just so much opportunity to get that ‘healthy tanned glow’. But as much as we may not want to hear these facts, it’s vital for our long-term wellbeing that we understand how dangerous our sun can be.

South Africa has 50% more solar radiation than Europe.

So it’s extremely easy to get too high a dose of the sun during times on the beach, while playing sport, gardening or just out and about. One bad sunburn before the age of 18 doubles your chance of getting skin cancer. This is a scary, but true fact!

South Africa is number one in the number of melanomas and second to Australia in skin cancer prevalence! This dubious title used to belong to Australia, but for years now they have been waging an intensive awareness campaign about the dangers of skin cancer which has now borne fruit and resulted in South Africa, unfortunately, claiming this title.

Skin Smart is a campaign powered by MEDA Pharma to raise awareness amongst South Africans about the urgent need to both ‘Protect’ themselves against the potential danger, and also to have the knowledge to ‘Detect’ changes in their skin that could be indicators of potential skin cancer problems.