Welcome to Be Skin Smart website where you can learn how to protect your skin from the sun and detect problems early!

The skin is an incredible organ. It’s in fact the largest organ in the body based on surface area and weight. 1,2,3,4 With three layers of this protective organ shielding you from bacteria, disease and the effects of the sun, it is important to learn how to protect it. 2,3,4

In particular, the sun poses a great threat to the health of your skin if you’re not equipped with the correct information on how to protect you and your family from its harsh effects.  5,6

Be Skin Smart is a campaign powered by Mylan (PTY) Ltd to raise awareness amongst South Africans about the urgent need to both ‘Protect’ themselves against the potential danger of the sun, and also to have the knowledge to ‘Detect’ changes in their skin that could be indicators of potential skin cancer problems.

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